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Anyone Can Appreciate Silk Embroidery

Silk, known as the "queen of fabrics", began its history in the 27th century BC according to Chinese history. As a 100% natural fabric, silk is ultimate in luxury and smoothness.

Halo Embroidered Dupioni Silk Curtains

Beside these, silk has some merits that are not shared by other fabrics.

  1. Silk is an all-climate fabric
    Silk has a natural temperature-regulating property which help to keep warm in winter and stay cool in summer.
  2. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic
    Silk's natural protein structure gives it the ability to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp.
  3. Silk is healthy for sensitive skin
    Silk is 100% natural and contains many amino acids in common with the human body. These amino acids are helpful in calming a person.
  4. Silk is durable and stays shiny for years
    Despite its delicate appearance, silk is relative robust. Silk's natural filaments bond themselves and they are less likely to pull apart even after years of use.

Why Choose Cheery Curtains?

Silk itself is luxurious, while more luxury and details can be added when combined with embroidery. You may wonder, there are lots of embroidered silk curtains out there, why should Cheery Curtains?

It's a good question. Let's take a first step to the appreciation of silk embroidery.

Halo Embroidered Dupioni Silk Custom Made Curtains

1. Large-scale embroidery stitches

First of all, the number of embroidery stitches makes a big difference to the look of the embroidery. The more stitches an embroidery involves, the more sophisticated and luxurious look will be created. Unlike most of the other embroidered silk curtains, ours are usually in large-scale embroidery which cover a large proportion of the fabric, creating luxury and details that are hardly matched.

2. Much more color varieties of embroidery threads

An equally important issue to consider is the color varieties of the embroidery threads. With more complicated color combinations, more detailed and sophisticated pattern will represent. Many of our silk curtains are embroidered with threads in more than 4 colors, which add much details and colors to the whole design.

3. Produced in China, the orgin of silk itself

Silk and embroidery are two of the most reputable traditional cultures in China's history. They enjoy high reputation since the Silk Road was opened. Here at Cheery Curtains, we have the best embroidered silk from Hangzhou, a city which has been producing the world's first-class embroidered silk since thousands of years ago.

We are confident that we are bringing embroidered silk curtains that are really nice and they will make a great difference to your interior decor.